Sungodz California is the creation of Surfer, turned Fashion Photographer, turned Designer; Sasha Eisenman. Sasha grew up in Huntington Beach and began surfing in the Newport River Jetties in the mid 1980’s. He travelled camping and Surfing all throughout Baja back in those days and many of the experiences of this time would later become a foundational part of Sungodz California style. An esthetic that was further shaped during his time working at the legendary Frog House surf shop in Newport Beach in the early 90’s.

     Eventually Sasha was plucked out of the Frog House and a career as a fashion model ensued, working regularly in Europe and Japan in particular for the bulk of the 1990’s. From there Sasha eventually moved behind the camera himself and a 20 year career as an International Fashion Photographer was begun. Sasha worked for many of the world’s premier fashion magazines and shot advertising for many top brands. This gave him the opportunity to work with many of the most prestigious fashion stylists in the world. This exposure to the heights of the fashion world would later be reapplied to Sasha’s surfing roots.

     As early as 2012 Sasha began thinking about starting something that he began calling Sungodz. It was to be a surf brand for Surfers of a more sophisticated taste. Drawing on the style of some of the more flamboyant Surfers of the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. From Mike Hynson, to David Nuuhiwa, John Peck, Mike Purpus, and on to Rabbit, Shaun Tomson, and Kong Elkerton. Sasha eventually took a hiatus from his life as a fashion photographer and relocated from Silverlake Los Angeles to the La Costa Carlsbad area of North County San Diego in 2016. This allowed him to fully re-immerse himself in Surfing.

     After drawing further inspiration from the vibrant surfing community around Carlsbad and Leucadia, Sasha finally in the fall of 2018 started making designs for what he now called Sungodz California. And with the help of legendary rocknroll denim designer Henry Duarte, Sasha began making a variety of T-shirts, and Men’s pants.

     The Sungodz esthetic is full of Color. Everything is colorful, bold, and confident, yet fun and positive. The brand focuses on Men’s Surf Wear, drawing inspiration from Lightning Bolt, OP, Stubbies, and early Quiksilver. Sungodz California makes everything in Los Angeles, and Carlsbad CA. Some of the T-shirts are even Block printed by hand by Sasha himself literally right in the backyard of his house in La Costa.


    Sungodz has already done a collaboration line with England’s TSPTR, and is now making a variety of Men’s pants, shorts, and boardshorts. Along with T-shirts, longsleeve Tees, and Baja Poncho Pullovers. All in Sungodz California’s signature sunny colors, and high quality materials. Sungodz California strives to take some of the best things from Surfing’s past and make them new again. Hence the brand’s motto of Halcyon Daze Redux!